Plastic and COEX Tubes

Tubes have long been part of the cosmetic packaging industry. Tubes of toothpaste and Vaseline have been staples on the shelves of grocery stores for years. But did you know that tubes have evolved and have become one of the smartest, most convenient, and trendiest ways to package products. The tubes, caps, and the aesthetic capabilities have all improved. Let me explain how.

Plastic tubes are made by heating resin then extruding it around a tubular mold. Once the resin cools a sleeve is formed. The sleeve is then cut into pieces the size of the tube. The head, or opening, is then molded on one side of the sleeve. Then designs are printed on the tube and a cap closes the head. After filling the open end is then heat sealed. Coextruded or COEX tubes are similar to plastic tubes except there are multiple layers of extruded plastic with a barrier layer on inside the tube.

Now that we understand how these tubes are made, we can learn why they are smart packaging. Since they are made of plastic, these tubes are durable, non-breakable, and leak proof. Because of this, the consumer is free to throw it in a bag or put it in a pocket without worry. Tubes also protect the product from the environment. COEX tubes are advanced plastic tubes specifically made for products that are more finicky and need extra protection. The barrier layer inside protects even the most susceptible products from UV rays and other environmental pollutants. They offer better protection from the environment with the same positive properties of regular plastic tubes.

Not only are the tubes themselves improving, the caps on the tubes are also changing for the better. Caps have evolved from the simple flip-on flip-off lids commonly seen. Caps now come in a variety of styles and functions. Tubes are now seen with pointed caps for better controlled dispensing. Brush and sponge caps can serve as applicators and can go directly to the consumers***5533; lips or skin comfortably. The increasingly popular airless pumps, known for their ability to keep products sealed, are also being used as caps.

In addition to advancements in functionality, the aesthetics of tubes have also evolved. Due to advancements in technology, intricate designs and up to eight colors can be printed on a single tube. Silk screen, offset and hot stamp printing processes are all available with matte or gloss coatings. As a result tubes have become a sort of art form, producing bold, ornate, and sophisticated packaging. A well-designed tube will help the product stand out. Because modern plastic tubes have memory, when they are squeezed the tubes return to their original shapes keeping the packaging as beautiful as when first purchased. In addition, tubes are eco-friendly. Plastic tubes can be made out of recycled resin and are fully recyclable, another reason tubes are a great packaging option.

There are more to tubes than meets the eye. Tubes are not just packages, they are functional art. Tubes deliver product to the consumer in a convenient, durable, eco-friendly, and beautiful manner. For more information visit

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