In recent years, bamboo has become an eco-friendly, chic, and trendy option for cosmetic packaging. This versatile material can be used to make a wide variety of containers including compacts, lipstick/lip gloss/eyeliner cases, cream jars, and foundation bottles. The sleek, natural look of bamboo not only sets itself apart from other packaging materials, but also provides an environmentally friendly alternative to plastics and metals that can be harmful to the environment.

The sustainability of bamboo appeals to both producers and customers. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the earth. Because of this, bamboo can be harvested with minimal damage to the environment. The bamboo that is harvested will quickly be regrown the next year. In other words, bamboo is an abundant resource that can be used without worry of running out or harming the environment. Bamboo is also a very strong plant; in some areas of the world, it is even used as scaffolding when constructing or repairing buildings. Bamboo provides high quality eco-friendly packaging that is also strong and durable.

In production, bamboo is harvested then compressed into dowels or planks. The material is then dried to insure that the components will not warp after production. From there, the dowels or planks are cut and carved into the specific shape of the desired package. Custom packaging designs can easily come to life with bamboo. The packages are then sprayed with a protective finish to preserve the bamboos integrity. The bamboo comes in either the natural color or darker carbonized shades. Using the different shades, one can make patterns on the individual packages giving the package an even more dynamic, yet still natural, look. Logos can be etched on each container using sophisticated laser technology. In addition, silk screens can be used for applying logos and color to bamboo. Bamboo is also used as a veneer.

Bamboo is an exotic and naturally beautiful way to package cosmetics, and the production of the packaging is done in a way

the keeps the planet naturally beautiful as well.

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