Make Up Brushes (Types)

The most important and most often overlooked beauty tools are makeup brushes. They are essential in applying your makeup with greater precision and accuracy resulting in a better finished look. So how many brushes does it take to create the perfect face? Definitely more than one! In this article we will discuss the numerous types of makeup brushes for different parts of the face, each with different capabilities and effects. To better understand the types of brushes, here are the basics of the makeup brush.

There are three parts of a makeup brush: the brush; the ferrule, the piece of metal that attaches the brush to the handle; and the handle itself. The brushes can be made of either natural hair or synthetic fibers. With both natural and synthetic brushes, the makeup is held in the hairs of the fibers of the brushes.

Now we will go over the different types of brushes.

Foundation Brushes are used to smoothly and evenly apply foundation on the skin. These are flat and soft.

Powder Brushes are the largest brushes used for coating the face with a light application of powder. Brushes are soft and fluffy in order to apply the makeup smoothly and avoid putting on too much powder. They are conically shaped.

Blush Brushes are fairly large, conically shaped brushes used on the cheeks to give its wearer a healthy- looking flush.

Angled Eye Shadow Brushes are very small and flat, with a steep angle at the end of the brush. They are used to apply eye shadow in an easier and more detailed fashion. They are firm and stiff to allow maximum control during application. This firmness also prevents the brush from fraying.

Lip Brushes are small brushes used to apply lipstick and lip gloss with precision. The brushes are squared and fairly soft which allows the user to easily contour their lips.

Fan Brushes are medium-sized brushes used to apply powder and bronzer. They are fan shaped (big surprise) and help to apply the perfect amount of powder or bronzer. These brushes are also used to blend makeup.

As you can see there are many types of makeup brushes. All are very important in creating a beautiful makeup application. Makeup brushes are essential tools for professional makeup artists as well as those at home who want a high quality makeup application. For more information please visit This has been Intern Mitchell for makeup brushes.

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