Airless Pumps

Have you ever examined the pump on your bottle of lotion or hand soap? Well, maybe you should because all pumps are not created equal. Most pumps on bottles of lotions or other cosmetics when pushed down, allow air to enter into the bottle. Airless pumps are an upgrade to traditional bottle pumps because they do not allow air into the bottle as the product is used. Let me elaborate and also explain why this even matters.

There are two types of airless pumps; both keep air from contaminating the product. One has a sack inside the bottle filled with the product. As the product is used the bag shrivels, always keeping the product inside the bag and away from the air. The other airless pump works like a piston. There is a barrier between the product and the bottom of the bottle. As the product is used the barrier rises higher and higher, pushing the remaining product toward the top of the bottle. Again, air can never reach the product.

You may wonder, Why does it matter if air touches the product inside the bottle? Think about food. Almost all the food we buy is sealed in one way or another. Meats, breads, and dairy are all sealed. Nature even seals its own products. Fruits and vegetables have skin dont they? All these products are sealed in order to protect them from the environment. For example, if a peeled banana is left out in open air it would brown and eventually spoil. This principle is the same with cosmetics. If cosmetics are exposed to air they could lose their integrity.

Air can causes cosmetics to oxidize. Oxidation tampers with the ingredients of the product, eventually weakening the product. In other words, your product will stop working as well the more it is exposed to air. For this reason many cosmetics have expiration dates after they are opened. With airless pumps the product is sealed even after being open because it is never exposed to air. Therefore, the product has a much longer shelf-life. Furthermore, as those with allergies already know, our air is not very clean. Allergens as well as micro bacteria float in the air. Airless pumps prevent any bacteria from contaminating your products (and your skin).

In addition, airless pumps have another benefit: they prevent waste, allowing the consumer to save money and be environmentally friendly. The airless pump has a small holding chamber below the nozzle. When the pump is pushed down the product is sucked into the holding chamber where it then travels through a tube until it exits the bottle. This special design allows the consumer to control the amount of product released for each use by the amount of pressure placed on the pump. No more big globs of product in your hand! Also, due to their design, airless pumps evacuate nearly all product from the bottle. No more throwing away bottles with product still in the bottom. No more wasting time trying to scrape out what your pump does not reach. Because they waste so little, airless pumps assist the consumers desire to save money and be more environmentally friendly.

These are the basics of airless pumps. They are clearly better than regular pumps because they maintain the products integrity, eliminate waste, and save money. For more information go to This has been intern Mitchell for airless pumps.

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